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ICOAH 2015 Program & Presentations | Finearts conference

ICOAH 2015 Program & Presentations

ICOAH 2015 Program & Presentations

1.Oral Presentations

  • For the “Oral Presentations” time is a critical factor, which will be no longer than 15 minutes. Instead of that you will get 5 minutes for questioning and answering. All together you will be given 20 minutes.
  • A technical assistant will be on hand for equipment problems and operations if required.
  • Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the session starts on the day of the conference.
  • All presentations must run on the Windows operating system – the Laptop and Multimedia Projector will be available. The recommended software to be used is PowerPoint.
  • Presentations MUST be submitted on conference computers 15 minutes in advance of your talk. Having the presentation files loaded in advance will help to ensure that the sessions run on schedule without delays.
  • Send your PowerPoint presentation to conference official email before the conference.
  • Bring one extra-copy of your presentation to the conference on a USB media storage device. This copy is to be used as a backup by you and the session technician if needed. Make sure the USB media storage device and presentation file is properly labeled with your name, presentation day, and time.
  • For better presentation,

  • Rehearse your presentation before making your presentation.
  • Do consider the time factor and address major points
  • Use visual aids- Visual aids such as slides attract and hold an audience’s attention and help to reinforce what you say as well as helping you keep on track with your presentation. You need to keep these visuals – and your remarks – simple and easy to read and understand.

2.Poster Presentations

  • If you prefer to present to an individual or small group face to face, we offer a poster presentation for your convenience. Each poster is displayed in a one hour session. There is no requirement on the size of the poster. Table and chairs will be provided. Also we help to arrange the place for your convenience.

3.Virtual Presentations

  • If you cannot attend our conference, but still wish to have your paper presented and published, we offer a virtual presentation for your convenience. Your presentation will be uploaded to the conference website prior to the conference. You are still required to submit a proposal/abstract or full paper, and one author must pay the registration fee. After the conference has ended, you will receive a copy of the conference program, certificate of presentation, and the proceeding book along with the conference pack.

4.Non- Presenters(Attending Only)

  • You are also invited to attend the conference, even if you participate as an attendee. You can actively engage and can share your experience throughout the conference. Participation certificate will be given to every attendees.


  • If you prefer to interact with participants using a hands-on approach, we offer a workshop for your convenience. You are allowed to organize your workshop however you see fit. Workshops are held in 1 or 2 hour sessions and are not available on the first day of the conference.

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