Conference Co-Chairs


Prof. Stephen DeGiulio (Co – chair)

New Mexico State University (NMSU), United States

Stephen DeGiulio is an education consultant and professor of Pedagogy, English, and TESOL in the New Mexico State University (NMSU) system (from 1994); previously professor of Language Teacher Education at the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico, and director of Literacy Volunteers of Doña Ana County, New Mexico. He served as Senior English Language Fellow for the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy, New Delhi, stationed at the Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh, India. Professor DeGiulio will receive a Ph.D. in critical pedagogy in 2016. He has been a teacher educator in colleges and language institutes in the US, Mexico, India, and Jamaica, and has taught elementary and secondary learners. His teaching is informed by research into the decolonizing pedagogies of Rabindranath Tagore, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Paolo Freire, Caleb Gattegno, and others who value creative agency over subaltern learning objectives.


Dr. Eldad Tsabary (Co – chair)

Electroacoustic Studies, Music Department
Director, Concordia Laptop Orchestra
Concordia University,
Montreal, Canada

Dr. Eldad Tsabary is a professor of electroacoustic music at Concordia University (Montreal). He is founder and director of Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)—a large electronic ensemble which specializes in interdisciplinary collaborative performances in which students function as co-creators/co-researchers. In the past decade, Eldad has also spearheaded research and development of a new sound-focused aural training method for electroacoustic musicians, which is inspired by perception studies and is based on a transformational, democratic educational model—primarily action research methodology. Eldad received his doctorate in music education from Boston University. He is the current president of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC).

Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Hoi-yan Yau, Lingnan UniversityHong-Kong.
  • Assoc. Prof. Ricardo Dal Farra, Concordia University, Canada.
  • Prof. Angelique Willkie, Concordia University, Canada.
  • Prof. Mira Rozenberg, Concordia University, Canada.
  • Prof. Shirin Abbas, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, India.
  • Assoc. Prof. Kelly Dennis, University of Connecticut, USA.
  • Assoc. Prof. Tushar Joag, The Shiv Nadar University, India.
  • Assoc. Prof. Wendy Wischer, The University of Utah, USA.
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryuta Nakajima, University of Minnesota, USA.
  • Dr. Manjet Kaur d/o Mehar Singh, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Dr. Debbita Tan Ai Lin, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Dr. Shaidatul Akma Adi Kasuma, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Dr. Paramaswari A/p Jaganathan, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Dr. Puan Akmar Binti Mohamad, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Assoc. Prof. YoungAe Kim, University of South Dakota, USA.
  • Dr. Malini d/o Ng. Ganapathy, Unversiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Dr. Alireza Salehi Nejad, University of Tehran, Iran.
  • Dr. Jordan Kauffman, Brandeis University, USA.
  • Dr. Jennifer Wicks, Concordia University, Canada.
  • Dr. Eldad Tsabary, Concordia University, Canada

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