” Arts and humanities as visionary practices in a changing world. ”

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is pleased to invite abstracts for its 5th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH) 2018 which will be held on 27-28 September 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The theme of the conference is “Arts and humanities as visionary practices in a changing world.”

While scientific research and technological developments evolve at a pace most of us cannot match; as our global political and economic realities transform in an unprecedented pace; and while the Anthropocene continues the accelerating shift of the world’s ecological balance; we look to art and humanities for guidance in understanding our complex realities. As art educator Tom Hudson proposed, “The artist has always been providing a new psychological orientation, helping to negotiate the new unknowns which become apparent in a period of rapid change” (Hudson 1987, p. 269; Freire 2017, p.110).

Yet art alone cannot provide this service to humanity without the depth, breadth, criticalness, and rigour of humanities research and epistemologies. Artists challenge the known and unknown, propose new meanings and viewpoints, and bring new potentialities to our awarenesses. Humanities researchers provide glue, foundations, and communication through philosophy, culture studies, sociology, historical research, psychology, education, political science, economy, law, and linguistics, among other areas.

The arts and humanities are thus given the responsibility of making meaningful links between new technologies and humans; of proposing ethical frameworks for handling scientific breakthroughs in genetics, biotechnology, bionic engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning; of navigating the ethics of the Internet, social media, surveillance, dataism, and privacy concerns. Researchers/creators in the humanities and arts also bring awareness and emphasis to issues that are important to our survival, such as climate deterioration; population growth, aging, health, and medical care; human rights, inequality, gender, and race; economic instability, poverty, and waste; energy, urbanization, deforestation, and pollution; welfare, education, and unemployment; political strife, war, nuclear proliferation, arms races, and security; immigration and refugees; and more.


ICOAH 2018

is a global podium where

  • Researchers, Artists,
  • Humanists, Arts Policymakers,
  • Advocates, Arts Administrators,
  • Community Cultural Workers,
  • Media Specialists,
  • Academicians and social scientists

gather for a common objective which makes the society and communities better.

ICOAH 2018 will be a global platform for researchers, artists, academics, art administrators, policymakers, advocates, media specialists, cultural community activists, and social scientists to share their knowledge and experiences with an open mind and an eye for making our world and societies better.

Please send us your art and research abstracts by 23rd July 2018. All submissions will be evaluated in a double-blind review process by a committee of internationally recognized scholars. Accepted researchers must register by the final registration deadline, 27 August 2018 in order to present at the conference.


Arts Education


  • Teaching and Learning Arts Practices
  • Multimodal literacies, multiliteracies in arts education
  • Literacy and the literary
  • Arts pedagogies
  • Art history: purpose and pedagogy
  • Creative arts in the humanities
  • Art as self-inquiry

Journalism, Media and Mass Communications


  • Media Concepts, Theories and Methods
  • Journalism and the News
  • Media’s Role in Public Relations and Marketing
  • Media and Youth
  • Insights into World Issues
  • Studies Involving Social Media
  • Insights into Social Issues
  • Media Platform and Genre Studies

Art in Society


  • Art History
  • Art Curation and Conservation
  • Art, Society and Social Media
  • Liberal Arts
  • Area studies and Cultural Studies
  • Art and Museum Management
  • Contemporary Arts Practice
  • Information and Museum Studies
  • Folk and Traditional Arts
  • Classical Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature and linguistics

Research / Creation in Visual and Performing Arts


  • Dance, Drama, Film, Theatre
  • Installation art, robotic art, bioart
  • Music, music education, music and technology
  • Jazz, classical music, popular music
  • Sound design, electroacoustic music
  • Sound art, soundscape
  • Computation art
  • Stagecraft
  • Studio art, ceramics
  • Drawing, painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Print media
  • Fibres and material practices

Applied arts


  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design and textile
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design

New Technology and Arts


  • New Media, Internet and Digital Arts
  • Moving pictures: Cinema, Film, Television, Video, Multimedia
  • Design Technologies
  • Spatial and architectonic arts
  • The art of games and gaming
  • Online Cultures, Social Networks and the Arts
  • Multimedia, mixed media and multimodal arts
  • The creative industries in a post-industrial or knowledge society
  • Digital media arts and education

Interdisciplinary Humanities


  • Area studies
  • Ecological humanities
  • Ethno-cultural studies
  • Gender and Women’s studies 
  • Library studies
  • Museology
  • Health humanities
  • Medical humanities

Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Anthropology 
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Languages
  • Geography
  • Literature and related disciplines
  • Law and Justice
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Political science
  • Reconciliation and Peacebuilding

Submit your abstract to : abstract@fineartsconference.com




  • Freire, Manuelle. (2017). What is new in new media art education? A critical discourse analysis of the mythologies of media art education at the university. (Doctoral dissertation). Montreal: Concordia University.
  • Hudson, Tom. (1987). Current issues in art and design education: Art, science and technology, some initiatives for change. Journal of Art Education, 6 (3), 261-283.