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Publication Opportunities at the 10th International Conference on Arts and Humanities

We are dedicated to support you through every phase of your journey in research publication. With the aim of locating your research to the right destination, International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH 2023) has amplified its publication opportunities by partnering with TIIKM Publishing!

Benefits With Publications

Dedicated Special Issues
Quality Reviews for Proceedings
Open Access for Proceedings with OJS
Expert guidance with workshops
Personalized Guidance

Explore the Avenues for Publication at ICOAH 2023.


All accepted abstracts for the 7th International Conference on Climate Change 2023 will be published in the Conference Abstract Book with an associated ISBN 978-624-5746-43-9.

We follow universally accepted ethics on publication in accordance with COPE Guidelines

Possible Publication Avenues.

Submit Your Full Paper either to a Journal or Conference Proceedings

Conference participants will get the opportunity to submit their full papers in prestigious journals which are internationally accredited from renowned publishers.

The author instructions and submission guidelines for your desired journals will be sent to you separately.

All peer reviewed journals are subjecting submissions to the double-blind peer-review process. The decision on publication will depend on the peer-review process. Participants are advised to read the journal’s scope and aim before deciding the suitable journal. We follow universally accepted ethics on publication. Accordingly, a guarantee for publication will not be issued before making the submission and completion of the review process. Publisher does not charge any money for publication of Non-Open Access content.

Early Popular Visual Culture

SCImago Journal & Country Rank
Online ISSN: 1746-0662
Editor in chief: Andrew Shail
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Journal link
Abstracted/ Indexed in British Humanities Index; Current Abstracts; Humanities International Index; International Index to Film Periodicals; OCLC; SCOPUS; Thomson Reuters Arts and Humanities Citation Index

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training

SCImago Journal & Country Rank
Online ISSN: 1944-3919
Editor in chief: Jonathan Pitches
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Journal link
Abstracted/ Indexed in International Index to the Performing Arts; International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance; SCOPUS.

Digital Creativity

SCImago Journal & Country Rank
Online ISSN: 1744-3806
Editor in chief: Michael Nitsche
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
Journal link
Abstracted/ Indexed in SCOPUS, Educational Research Abstracts Online, Educational Technology Abstracts, Ergonomics Abstracts Online, OCLC, Thomson Reuters: Arts & Humanities Citation Index


SCImago Journal & Country RankOnline ISSN: 1741-3001
Co-Editors-in-Chief : Howard Tumber – City, University of London, UK
Barbie Zelizer – University of Pennsylvania, USA

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
Journal link
Abstracted/ Indexed in Scopus, Academic Index, CD-ROM – International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature in the Humanities and Social Sciences, CD-ROM – International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Lterature on the Humanities and Social Science, CD-ROM International Bibliography of Periodical Literature in the Humanities and Social Sciences, CD-ROM International Bibliography of Periodical Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences, ComAbstracts, ComIndex, CommSearch CD-ROM, Communication & Mass Media Complete, Communication & Mass Media Index, Communication Abstracts, Communication Contents, Current Contents / Social and Behavioral Sciences, Expanded Academic Index, Film Literature Index and many more.

Conference attendees have more options to submit their full papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Please contact to get to know other publication avenues indicating “Full Paper Publication Details – ICOAH 2023” in the subject line.

Process of Journal Publication

  • We will guide you to prepare your manuscript to conform to journal requirements through simplified guides.
  • Our publication team will contact you within one week after the conference and guides on submission and author instructions of your preferred journal will be provided separately via an email.
  • You are instructed to follow the guidelines and do the submission precisely.
  • Receive comprehensive review comments and even if the feedback is negative, it paves the path to develop your paper and re-submit.
  • We will follow up and communicate with respective journals with regard to your paper submissions.
  • The process might look extremely complicated and tiresome. With our publication support packs, you can leave the onerous task of managing the submission and publication process to TIIKM Publishing.
  • Trust our years of experience in dealing with leading academic journals and privilege more of our services to make your publication journey a success.

Areas of Importance in Journal Publication

  • Read through the aims, scope, guidelines of journals carefully.
  • Select the most appropriate journal for your paper.
  • Prepare your manuscript to conform to journal requirements/ guidelines.
  • Execute a language and grammar check before submission.
  • The language, flow of the paper and scholarly writing style are of key importance.
  • Giving an international flavour would be an additional advantage when submitting to international journals.
  • Plagiarism can tarnish an author’s reputation and credibility as a researcher. Hence following ethics will be of utmost importance.
  • Quality of graphics and artwork are vital.
  • The reference list should be academically sound and should be formatted according to the journal’s preferred referencing style.

Conference Proceedings of ICOAH 2023.

All full papers sent for Conference Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Arts and Humanities will be subjected to a double-blind reviewing process and will be electronically published in open access with the ISSN 2357-2744 in the proceedings with a DOI Number (DOI prefix: 10.17501).

Our proceedings have coverage Google Scholar and Crossref and sooner the papers will be submitted to renowned indexes like Scopus, Thomson Reuters, CABI for possible indexing.

If your abstract is accepted and you have paid the registration fee for the ICOAH 2023 you are encouraged to submit your full papers.

Our proceedings have coverage Google Scholar and Crossref and sooner the papers will be submitted to renowned indexes like Scopus, Thomson Reuters, CABI for possible indexing.

If your abstract is accepted and you have paid the registration fee for the ICOAH 2023 you are encouraged to submit your full papers.

Why Publishing in Conference Proceedings?

  • The entire process will be handled through the Online Journal System in a very professional manner.
  • The double-blind peer-reviewing process will ensure that you receive developmental feedback on your paper
  • DOI link is provided by Crossref for your manuscript (DOI prefix: 10.17501)
  • Archive your manuscripts in Online Journal System (OJS), maintain by TIIKM which is linked with Google Scholar and enhance citations for your manuscript
  • Share your paper in any web-based sources/ author profiles to strengthen your academic profile
  • Grab this opportunity and get you into a Ph.D. or Master’s program easily and apply for scholarships
  • Having published work will give you a promotional boost to advance your career path and make you more confident

Submission & Publication Process

  1. Attend the conference and present your research work
  2. If your first preference is to publish in conference proceedings read the provided information clearly
  3. Download the full paper template for conference proceedings
  4. Prepare your manuscript according to provided guidelines
  5. Upload your paper through TIIKM Online Journal Systems (OJS) on or before the deadline: 3rd October 2023
  6. Receive review comments for your paper through qualified reviewers
  7. Revise your paper based on review comments
  8. Upload the revised paper on or before the stipulated deadline
  9. Receive the copy of edited manuscripts for screening prior to DOI submission
  10. Confirm your final copy of the paper and provide us the camera-ready copy of the paper
  11. Get your paper published in OJS
  12. Receive DOI link provided by Crossref for your manuscript (DOI prefix: 10.17501)

**Guides on account formation and submission will be provided separately via an email after the conference.

Full Paper for Proceedings – Author Instructions

General Guidelines
All manuscripts are expected to be prepared as a single editable MS Word document with the complete text, references, tables and figures included.

The manuscript should be in English and checked for grammar and language errors.

Identify one author as the corresponding author (All future communications will be done through the corresponding author).

The corresponding author should take the approval of all authors for submission. TIIKM will not be responsible to answer co-authors of the manuscript.

The Corresponding author is responsible for the full paper submitted to TIIKM. Co-authors’ names, affiliations and email addresses should be correctly mentioned in the manuscripts and entered in the OJS.

All contributors included in your paper should properly acknowledge with referencing and if your study has been funded or supported by any institution, agency, etc…, please indicate the same under “Acknowledgement”

Authors must follow guide for authors strictly. Editors reserve the right to adjust the style to certain standards of uniformity.

If the reviewers suggest advanced revisions, authors will be provided more time to revise the manuscript. In such a scenario, the publication of the manuscript will be pushed to the next issue.

We follow universal accepted ethics & policies on publication and authors are advised to read and follow the instructions before making the submission.

Structure of the Manuscript for

To assist you in preparing your paper, we provide Full paper template. Please save the template to your hard drive, ready for use.

Follow this order when typing manuscripts*: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References and Appendix

This format is provided for original research papers. Authors can follow respective formats for review articles, book reviews, commentaries etc.

Word limit: The Abstract should be no more than 275 words and one paragraph only. The target length for an article is 3,000–5,000 words (excluding figures, tables and references). Articles should not exceed 6,500 words including abstract, endnotes, tables, figures, figure captions or legends, references, acknowledgements and appendices

No more than 6 keywords. Read making your article more discoverable, including information on choosing a title and search engine optimization.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman 11 point font, 1.5 line spacing, using the format and reference of American Psychological Association (APA).

  • Figures. Figures should be high quality (1200 dpi for line art, 600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for color, at the correct size). Figures should be supplied in one of our preferred file formats: EPS, PS, JPEG, GIF, or Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX).
  • Tables. Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text. Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text. Please supply editable files.
  • Equations. If you are submitting your manuscript as a Word document, please ensure that equations are editable.
  • Units. Please use SI units (non-italicized).
  • Abbreviations. Should be used sparingly - only where they ease the reader’s task by reducing repetition of long, technical terms. Initially use the word in full, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Thereafter use the abbreviation only.


A Breakthrough Free TIIKM Project to Make Your Research Publication Possible

Preliminary Reviews for Your Full Paper with the world-class publication “Steering Committee” prior to the conference

One of the major issues faced by novice researchers/authors in the present setting is the lack of perspectives to improve writing for academic publications. As a “PUBLISHelp” is introduced by TIIKM to help authors develop their full papers prior to the conference. Once the request is been made, a steering committee member will be assigned to provide the author with developmental comments for the improvement of the full paper. Our main goal is to assist our conference participants to keep one step ahead to improve their valuable research papers.


This project is designed to help researchers/authors who aspire to develop their full papers up to the standard of high quality academic journals

Benefits to Authors

  • Obtain experts’ inputs to improve your paper
  • We assist you to obtain constructive inputs and different perspectives from qualified scholars. This will help strengthen the quality of your paper. Reviewed and revised paper with a world-class scientific committee will make your paper more likely to be accepted by high standard journals.
  • Ability to gain tips to strengthen your presentation
  • Feedback received via this committee will help you polish the final presentation at the conference as well.
  • Help develop academic writing skills
  • The knowledge that you will be gathering from this initiative will benefit you in your future academic writing for academic publications.
  • Free Service
  • This is a free project designed by TIIKM to help conference participants develop their career an extra mile.

To Apply for this Valuable Opportunity

You have to be a paid participant for the conference
Have your full paper sent to 6 weeks prior to the conference date with the subject “Application for PUBLISHelp Service – ICOAH 2023”

Please mention your abstract ID and Registration ID in the email body

**Limited number of opportunities based on a First Come First Serve basis

If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee:

Please convey your interests to Ms. Thisuri Jayalath at with your CV. (Please indicate “Application for Steering Committee” in the subject line)

Author Development Programmes.

We provide certificate courses with the aim of building research capacity among scholars who wish to design and conduct empirical research projects and develop them further for submission to peer-reviewed journals for publication.

Value-Added Services.

We offer a range of academic services with the aim of supporting you to success your journey in research publication.

If you need assistance in any of these areas, please contact Ms. Thisuri Jayalath from our team.



If you have any questions regarding the options for publication of your work,
please try our FAQ or you can send inquiries to our team at any time.

Contact: Ms. Thisuri Jayalath

Email – /

Whatsapp: +94 71 704 8406

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