Dr. Eldad Tsabary

Electroacoustic Studies, Music Department
Director, Concordia Laptop Orchestra
Concordia University,
Montreal, Canada


Dr. Eldad Tsabary has been teaching electroacoustic composition, performance, and ear training at Concordia University (Montreal) since 2005. He is the coordinator of the electroacoustic studies program at Concordia and a co-director of the Performing Arts Research Cluster (Le PARC) of Concordia’s Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture, and Technology. He is a member of the Critical Feminist Activism and Research group (C-FAR) and together with students he organizes various social action initiatives for change. Together with Dr. Donna Hewitt of University of New England (Australia) he is currently co-editing a volume on the history of women in electronic music.

In 2011 he founded Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) which specializes in collective improvisation and interdisciplinary collaborative performances in which students function as co-creators/co-researchers. With CLOrk, Eldad has been conducting an ongoing action research aimed at understanding and improving collective improvisation practices in the context of a democratic and interdisciplinary laptop orchestra. A primary focus has been on discovering strategies for encouraging improvisatory risk taking and destabilizing agency.


  • In the past decade, he has also spearheaded research and development of a new sound-focused aural training method for electroacoustic musicians, which is currently being implemented in a new SSHRC funded software design titled Inner Ear.

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